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Weekly Words of Wisdom: Opportunity come once in a lifetime ~ Marshall Mathers



Last week, I gave the option to choose between a research project that will finish out the school year or to continue the Journeys curriculum. Please continue with what you chose last week. You do NOT have to do both.

Journeys 27

Research Project: Week 1

I can decipher the difference between fact and opinion

 I can identify adverbs 

I can determine an author's purpose

 Anchor Text: The Dog That Dug for Dinosaurs by: Shirley Raye Redmond 

AR Quiz # 79606

 Journeys Lesson 27

Close Reader (pg 126-129 )

 Readers Notebook: (Pg 172-186) Pick 2 pages to complete each day

Choose an animal that you would like to be an expert on. 


Write a  paragraph using the paragraph planner telling what kind of animal your animal is (is it mammal, reptile, fish, etc.) and how do you know. Remember to cite your sources, tell me which book and page or website you got the information from and who was the author. Use "according to" when necessary. 

 Please take a picture of your paragraph to send to me when completed but keep your paper copy. 




I can find the product of a multiplication equation by using repeated addition.

I can find the product of a multiplication equation by skip counting 

I hope these tutorials help. 

And any of the School House Rock multiplication songs.

 I have included a practice sheet for the students.


Spiral Math Review - This is some extra practice to help retain some of the concepts that we have already learned


If you need any help please contact me.

Sarah Kirschman